PRODUCER PROFILE – David Llewellyn, Llewllyn’s Orchard

2013 EirGrid Euro-Toques Award Winner 46 NO FEE 981 EirGrid Food Awards


Quickpenny Road, Lusk, Co. Dublin

087 2843879 (David)

Having studied horticulture and worked in the apple growing industry, David Llewellyn leased a 15 acre orchard in 1999 and eventually planted his own orchard near Lusk, north county Dublin in 2002. His original plan was to wholesale apples, but being naturally innovative and experimental,  before long he began to add value to his apples and seek out direct markets. His first step was to produce a range of apple juice and with the advent of farmers markets he soon found a steady outlet for these. The simple natural process of fermenting his apples led to him developing his own cider – now marketed as ‘Double LL’ – and fermentation of the cider, led to production of Llewellyn Cider Vinegar which hit the market about 8 years ago. Probably his most innovative product, and the one which received most attention from the Euro-Toques chefs, is his Irish Balsamic Cider vinegar, originally developed about 6 years ago – this vinegar, produced from concentrated apple juice (4-5 litres to produce 1l of vinegar), takes about 3 years to produce. Acknowledging the excellent quality of all his products, Euro-toques recognised David Llewellyn in particular for the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit which has allowed him, along with other similarly minded apple growers, to continue the traditional cultivation of apples in Ireland.

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