PRODUCER PROFILE – Mary Regan, Regan Organic Farm

2013 EirGrid Euro-Toques Award Winner

42 43REGAN ORGANIC DUCK – Mary Regan

087 6682461

Regan Organic Farm is a 45 acre organic mixed farm near Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford. The main focus is on poultry – with both laying and table chickens and ducks, as well as Turkeys for Christmas – but there are also pigs, lambs and a small suckler herd. Having grown up on a conventional farm and studied agriculture, Mary Regan decided to start the process of organic conversion in 2004 and became certified by the Organic Trust in 2006. This decision mainly stemmed from her experience of intensive animal rearing systems, particularly in the area of pigs and poultry, and a growing interest in the organic option.

Mary Regan’s organic Aylesbury ducks are sourced as day olds from a hatchery in Arklow and are reared outdoors on pasture. They are slaughtered at approximately 10 weeks at an Organic Trust certified abattoir in Tipperary. Following tastings and visits the Euro-Toques Food Council singled Regan’s ducks for superb flavour and for excellent animal husbandry and production methods. Mary Regan has chosen a system of animal rearing which respects the nature of the animal and results in healthy animals and land, which in turn produces meat of excellent eating quality. The free ranging lifestyle and slow-growing of the ducks results in meat which is not too fatty but has excellent flavour.

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